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A Moment to Reflect

Does it ever feel like you are stuck in the same routine? You see all these other people and peers surpassing their goals and creating successes of their own all while you are still sorting through your passions to see which route is best for you. It seems almost impossible to not compare to what you see as you scroll through your timeline on whatever social media has your attention that day.

But amidst all of this, do you ever take time to sit down and reflect on your own successes and journey in life? My guess, you probably don't do it quite enough to see just how successful you actually are.

Let's dive in.

Being stuck in the past

There is nothing more challenging to our minds than being stuck on a time that has already past. Maybe it was a time back in college where life seemed well, easy, and you thought that nothing could bring you down. You were fulfilled, happy, and carefree just simply enjoying life. But against popular protest, these times pass and we are moving along to new moments in life. Facing challenges that we are not used to makes us wish we could go back to those former years, where this moment right now wasn't even a thought.

It may seem that there is just no way that you could ever be as happy as you were "back then". We begin to watch others grow and progress but we are stuck in a time we cannot go back to. Instead, taking some time to sit with what you have endured to get to this moment right now, might surprise you a bit.

You might find that memories and moments resurface, reminding you why you had to move on from "back then" to experience right now. All that you have faces, endured and survived through has been for this moment right now, and that my friends, is a reason to reflect.

Not all reflection will bring positive instances. Nonetheless, they are vital to the lessons we must learn to really understand how amazing the journey can be.

Facing the Tough Shit

When we go through a traumatic experience, it is almost as if we cannot wait for that moment to become a distant memory. I know I sure have felt this before. When I lost my best friend in college, the only thing I wanted to do was time travel to "back then", before she was taken. At the same time, grieving and growing through it allowed me to reflect and appreciate all that we had spent together.

Now it is natural to be reminded of these traumatic times throughout life. Carrying that emotional distress as you face life today can be tiring and difficult. When you are stuck in those moments that pull you between the happy and the sad memories, it becomes easy to fall harder towards our sadness. Associating "back then" with hardship and frustrations instead of seeing the beauty in the times surrounding it makes it hard to reflect with a purpose.

Finding time to sit with the tough shit and reflect on all that you have faced throughout it, can also bring a sense of gratitude to you. Recognizing that even though those times took you through a difficult journey, you are who you are today because of them. The resilience you developed as you carried yourself through your trauma will develop the fire of motivation to continue through life. Remember that we are only dealt the hands that the Universe knows we can handle.

Reflecting With a Purpose

You may be someone who reflects all of the time. But are you someone who reflects with a purpose? Are you simply going through the motions, only thinking about it or are you taking action and writing down those reflections with intent? You may be thinking to yourself that isn't all reflection purposeful? It sure is. By creating an intention, or purpose, before you reflect, you are fully submitting yourself to your gratitudes, lessons and dreams.

If your intention is to face the tough shit and find some lessons you have learned, then recognize that some difficult stuff will come with it. Let your emotions run their course as your intention was to face what you feel is the tough shit from "back then".

If your intention is to reflect for the sense of seeing how far you've come on this journey, then really take the time to express gratitude and appreciate all that has gotten you to right now. The gratitude you have for all that you have will bring you more of those good things. Dwelling on what you don't have or didn't get, will simply take you away from getting those things.

We have to bring to light the thoughts that revolve around these moments. Speaking into existence or writing down on paper your reflections and gratitudes is one of the best ways to find your successes and strive towards more. A small act of acknowledging "back then" and appreciating right now will create harmony and happiness within your mind and being.

Reflect daily, weekly, monthly. Whatever works for you, find time and take action. Your future self will thank you as they sit down years from now and continue this process of reflection and gratitude. Don't chase. Attract. What belongs to you will simply find you.

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