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A Risk Worth Taking

As we are growing up, we are taught about taking risks. How impactful and worth it they can be! How the reward of following a dream can be so amazing! But they also tell you about the alternative, failing. This powerful word, "failure" has caused SO many of us to shy away from our passions, goals, and dreams. Having the fear of failing keeps so many people from reaching their true potential. So, let me be honest here, taking a risk, no matter the reward or setback, is beyond worth the experience than sitting back and asking "what if".

We all know that I am an advocate for change. Being a change, making a change, manifesting it, I am ALL about it. There is just some immense sense of fulfillment whenever you venture out on your own and take a risk that turns into something long term. So let's talk a little about how I can motivate you to want to take your own risks!!

I should start off saying that I understand that sometimes things don't always go as planned. But would you rather live your life knowing that you tried as opposed to continuously asking yourself "what if" for the rest of your days? I hope you would pick the former because as previously said, the reward is far greater the risk if you are just willing to try. Growing up, are are told to reach for the stars but also remember to find stability and build a foundation. But the issue there is, not everyone has the same foundation in mind so therefore shouldn't we be more encouraged to branch out and see what we truly like and don't like? Unfortunately, not everyone sees things that way.

Some want to explore a world of music but society says that's unstable and it could be years before you make something of yourself. Some want to travel the world but are made aware that it costs money and how will you earn a living if you are constantly spending money traveling. And others want to build their own business but are constantly reminded that the economy fluctuates and can be hard to make a profit. All of these negative connections being made is certainly enough to persuade someone to not follow their dreams. Causing doubt to flood the mind and bring the fear of failing to the forefront. I can attest to a similar experience where a lot of people in my inner circle wanted to indirectly steer me into a career or journey that they felt would bring me job security. But time and time again, I found that the "standard" corporate job life wasn't for me.

At an early age, I realized that I wasn't going to be just like the rest. I was going places and I would figure out how to get there along the way. Although my purpose has taken some time to discover, the experiences I've had over the last decade of my life has been worth it. From trying things I never thought I'd have the chance to try, then moving to TWO different states on my own, and finally building the dream career I've always wanted, risks have been the portal to my success. Keeping in mind, the odds had been stacked against me during multiple periods in my life, I now look out my window to Palm trees and have the ocean just a few blocks away. The secret, ALWAYS reminding myself how far I've come. Keeping in mind where I used to be and where I am still headed always grounds me and keeps me motivated to push forward.

The more you believe in your dreams, the more willing to take risks you'll be. Building a plan is definitely helpful but you have remember that when you take a risk, it's because not everything is primped and primed perfect, that's what makes it a risk, DUH! So let me tell you just how I have faced the fears of failing and chosen to take a risk that has allowed me to experience two wonderful cities and has landed me in my dream state for life.

First, it comes down to your belief that you deserve what you want. You can't just say you want it and not fully believe it can happen. Work has to be made but also, you need to build trust within your subconscious that will further bring clarity to your choices. Right out of college I knew I wanted to get out of PA. I wanted to live in NYC. Even though I only wanted to live there for a few years, I knew that I wanted to see what opportunities I could try and just prove to myself that I can do it. Did I realize how expensive New York is and how I didn't even know what I wanted to do for a career? Of course I did! But in the fall of 2014, after months of continuously applying, affirming and manifesting this move, I was offered a job and off I went. Off to a city of opportunity, by myself, I knew this was the beginning.

Years passed and memories were made. I worked in just about every industry a self-motivated 20-something year old could do. I hustled, I had fun, I struggled, but most importably, I proved that it was a risk I wasn't going to give up on. After I had had my fair share of time in NYC, I knew the next chapter was waiting to be written. The beach was calling my name. Did I have a plan on what I would do once I got there? Nope! But I knew that I had a passion for starting my own business and building my own brand so therefore, the reward would only come from taking risks. Saving and praying and believing in my future success, here I am, sitting in sunny Florida with the ocean at my fingertips, palm trees out my window and year long tan lines. My journey is far from over but I'm a hell of a lot closer than I was. I know doing this alone wouldn't be easy. So I allowed myself to ask for help when I needed it. I came to realize that even though I was facing my struggles first hand, I had more people than I knew rooting for me and anticipating my success.

Open up to those around you because you truly never know just who might be there to help you. Just because others don't share your same vision doesn't mean they don't want to see you achieve your goals. Have faith that sharing your story isn't silly, no matter how big of a goal you've made for yourself. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. If YOU are happy with your choices and your goals ahead, then I'll be damned, you better follow through. Because you will forever face challenges, but the biggest challenge is believing in yourself. Never let the fear of failing keep you from stepping up to the plate because when you shoot for the moon, you're guaranteed to land on a star!

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