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A Time for Gratitude

The power of gratitude. We have all heard how miraculous having gratitude can be when it comes to abundance. Well, I’m certainly here to attest to the fact that having gratitude for what you have will bring more of that goodness into your life. But what a lot of individuals struggle with is learning how to have gratitude. Knowing that having gratitude is a feeling, how is it that we know when we are having it? What ways can you begin practicing having gratitude? As the holidays approach, it is important to know how to have gratitude for the things you DO have and take time to remind yourself of all the good in your life.

Let’s just start off by stating that there is no magic formula to achieve a feeling of gratitude. It is something that you make a point to directly recognizing the good in your life right now. It’s a feeling that we project into the world to show that we see the positives and we happily embrace them, hoping for more. Whether it’s a new job, having the perfect apartment, remembering the smile your fur baby put on your face, having gratitude and being thankful for those things will enhance the way you interpret positive mindfulness. As 2020 nears a close, there is a lot to take away. Being grateful for your health, your home, your family and more will really help power through the end of this wild year.

If you had a pen and paper right in front of you with a task telling you to write down 10 things that made you smile today, could you name 10? Do you have 10 – or maybe more – things or reasons right now that makes you smile? If so, that is the first step in bringing that sense of how to have gratitude into your life. Taking some time to shed light on those things that make you smile, shows the Universe that you like that feeling, appreciate it and you want more of it!

When you open up your mind’s eye to the abundance within your life right now, you put out the energy that you are willing and able to appreciate what you have. Spending time focusing on the negatives or the things that we don’t have in our lives, the Universe hears that too and will continue to bring more of that feeling into your life. It’s not a matter of just speaking or writing out the things you are grateful for. I say that because it’s not uncommon for us to notice what we’re grateful for then follow up with a thought of pessimism taking away the opportunity for abundance. I’ll explain:

Let’s say you are projecting gratitude for the money in your bank account. You tell the Universe how happy money makes you and that you are so grateful for the money in your account and your wallet. But then you follow up that statement with a fear or subconscious thought that you just can’t keep money, that it seems to disappear faster than it comes. Sounds like a pretty common relationship with money huh? How is the Universe going to see and feel your gratitude for money if you instantly turn around to negativity? As the saying goes, your subconscious mind takes you at your word. It cannot take you figuratively so therefore be direct and think meaningfully!

This year has been trying and difficult in more than one way. We need to support each other and always be a beacon of light to these crazy times. But most importantly, support YOURSELF! Take time to reflect on your life and your accomplishments and use it as motivation to create a life you desire and to know that a year of struggle is also a year of growth.

I hope this was able to bring some clarity surrounding the idea of gratitude. In today’s society we have brought many Western Holistic teachings into our lives. The Law of Attraction, Manifesting your Destiny, Using the Universe’s Power – these all are all things that revolve around the ideas of having Gratitude. You can’t cheat your way to abundance and the best way to begin a routine is to create one. So for today’s challenge, I want you to take that pen and paper from earlier and write AT LEAST 10 things you are grateful for. Re-read that list. Keep it with you all throughout the day so you can show the universe just how truly grateful you are for all the abundance in your life.

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