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Comfy Doesn't Always Mean Happy

I was having a conversation with a friend (yes, I know, one of these again) and something I said really resonated with her and I wanted to share with you! Before we fully dive into this, I want you to take a moment to think about your current situation and think about the things that make you feel comfortable with where you are, and the things that make you truly happy. See if they fall into the same categories. Don't worry, I'll explain more!

All too often we wind up stuck in a situation that we believe is meant to make happy. Society wants us to believe we need to achieve certain things or have a certain status to achieve happiness. But the reality is, happiness looks different for everyone. Not everyone thrives off the idea of going to college, working in a corporate environment and following suit to find a spouse, to literally settle. That word, settle, can mean a whole lot more than just settling with a family and house.

I'm talking about the type of settling that causes us to more or less just be okay with complacency. Now the type of settling that you are used to hearing probably wouldn't feel like it's applied to this scenario. But let me tell you something; society has more or less brainwashed our subconscious into thinking that the end goal of "settling down" with a family, a house and a secure job is necessary to find happiness.

It almost feels as if we are being silently told not to think outside of that bubble. If you just do what is expected, follow suit, you will be happy. That this is what we should be content with. It is comfortable, therefore it should make you happy, right?

It would be harder to step outside your comfort zone and go after something you really want than it is to just stay where you are and get through it. But the thing is, life isn't meant to "just get through" it. It's meant to be LIVED! To have experiences and fulfill your purpose while doing so. Yet I go back to the phrase that we have been conditioned to just be okay with what's in front of us instead of striving for more. Once upon a time we were told we could do and be anything we wanted to. Shouldn't the same apply to finding happiness and doing what you want to do?

Staying in a relationship because it would be harder to walk away doesn't mean that it's making you happy. Working a life sucking job because you were told that it would be a stepping stone to something more doesn't mean you are happy going to work every day. Living somewhere because the fear of moving to a new place means change doesn't mean that where you live is bringing you happiness.. Do we see the pattern here?

So now that you have an idea of what I mean when I say being comfortable doesn't mean happy, I want you to think back to your current situation. Take a moment to really think deep about these two things, does what you are comfortable with where you are match up with what makes you truly happy? If the answer is yes, then I applaud you! You have done something so many of us are striving to do! Keep it up and never stop working at happiness.

But, if feel you haven't reached true happiness in the situations you are in, maybe you are someone who has become comfortable with what's in front of you. The fear of stepping outside of that line can be scary yet so rewarding.

Of course, it is easier said than done to just up and make a change. But the fact of the matter is, you can create happiness from within yourself. Maybe you aren't in a position to just up and move somewhere new. But you can start making little changes for YOU that will enhance your happiness.

Starting with hobbies or projects just for you to do, is a mean of stepping away from what is comfortable and allowing yourself to feel happy. Many great business ideas start because someone started with a hobby that led to something bigger! It all starts with taking a chance to make a change.

So, in summary of most of what I just expressed to you, I would like you to know one thing, you don't need to just accept what is right in front of you if it doesn't make you happy. We are, and always have been, in control of our destiny and therefore do not have to let society make us believe that settling is the only option. The world is full of opportunities and you are full of potential. When the two meet, a powerful force is created and you will have no choice other than to choose happiness.

Be okay with walking away from trends and social status. Push against the boundaries that society has created and make yourself a little uncomfortable. If it was easy, everyone would do it, but not everyone is willing to try!

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