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Dear Me.

I've toyed around with this idea for a while. I've seen a handful of the "an unopened letter to..." over the years. The one I read before graduating school, was one that truly resonated with me. So as I was listening to the radio the other day, I started to think about what I would write to my past self to maybe make any of what I have ever experienced in life, have some sort of reason to it. Below is some words of advice I'd share to younger Chelsea and hopefully others need to hear this too..

Dear Me,

You are a beacon of light in the dark times of your own life. The world will always be a tough place to be, but never give up on yourself. Remember that you show your emotions, very blindingly, on your sleeve. But don't feel ashamed of that. Your sense of emotional security will open the eyes of many others who are feeling lost or afraid. Never apologize for something that isn't your fault, even though you just want others to be happy.

Self sabotage is inevitable but don't forget that you're a BOMBSHELL no matter what. Your body will change and people will talk, but this is your body and your life and you are finding your way. No one needs to give you approval, just know that you have a support system that goes deeper than you imagined. Don't for one second ever doubt what you are setting out to do. The nights when you begin to question everything, that's okay. They are purposeful to this journey you are on.

Trying to fit into society isn't your thing. Don't ever feel like you need to form to a mold that you see around you because standing out is what you are good at. You will never need to sacrifice your authentic self for the sake of fitting in. Stand up taller than the way you may feel and remember that you got to where you are because of the choices you make. Just because you aren't flawless doesn't mean that you aren't a goddess. Smile and wipe away the tears.

People will come and go. Let them. You will learn the power of true friendship and you will end up having the best ones ever. Loss is something you experience a lot but don't ever let that break you down. Society is different than when your parents grew up so try to remember to be patient with them as they may not always understand your path. Cut them some slack and don't ever forget where you came from.

You won't make everyone happy but as long as you make yourself happy, then life will continue to fulfill you. Keep your head up high and make sure that smile is ready. Be who you wanna be and don't forget to be happy along the way.

Forever on your side,

Your Future Self.

It's okay to fail. It's okay to mess up. But how you react to those setbacks will always be the true defining factor in how you move forward. Lean on your support and know that this scary world can be mastered. If you don't believe me, re-read Dear Me.

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