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Don't Let Your Summer Tans Fade

Fall time is almost here and for most of us, the excitement of seasonal activities and weather is still pretty high. As we welcome the cool temperatures and changing leaves, we say goodbye to that sun kissed skin, salty beach waves and sandy cheeks. But one thing you won't have to say goodbye to this year is your beautiful tanned skin!

Yes, that's right, you can continue on throughout the holiday season with a comfortable and flattering color complexion. Now I don't mean to step foot inside of a tanning bed because, well, I won't get into the extensive list of issues surrounding tanning and artificial sun. But what I have been fortunate enough to get the chance to try out is the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Foam! This product really has changed the game of self-tanning for me and the best part is, no streaks, orange spots and you get to experience a sun-kissed Australian tan every time.

Although this product does offer an application mitt for the tanner, I have had no issues with leftover color on my hands, as I found that washing hands with Baking Soda after applying, it removes any residue! What I also truly like from this line is unlike other tanners that you have to eventually wash off the product, this you can have faith the color will enhance throughout the day. The color change is certainly gradual but it is noticeable and definitely darker.

The bottle contains enough applications for 5 whole uses and the process is super easy. It is recommended to exfoliate prior to use to remove an skin impurities and allow for full absorption from the product. Apply generously all over your body making sure to rub completely in. Another perk of this product is the consistency of the foam in that it isn't too thick or uncomfortable to apply. Wash your hands thoroughly after and wait for the magic to happen! I chose the medium to dark intensity and the before and after was pretty awesome!

Now I do want to mention that my initial use of this product was during the summertime. It just so happened I had a few tan lines that I could afford to get rid of to perfect the feeling of flawlessly, tanned skin when I received the product so felt that would be the best way to show how it worked on me personally. This is said to keep in mind that Invisible Tan is perfect for all seasons and all occasions.

They are more than just great self-tanning products. Bondi Sands is all about sand, sea, sun and the lifestyle to encompass it. They strive to bring you that feeling of feeling completely at home in a bikini with the feeling of a soft bronzed body. Inspired by the beautiful beaches of Australia and the desire for the ultimate (safe) tan, there is a product for everyone at Bondi Sands. They also have a multitude of other beauty products that I highly recommend and support. They have products ranging form Self-Tanners, Skin Care, and even merchandise to sport on the daily!

While it is important to keep our environment protected from the harm in the air, we must focus on keeping our bodies protected from harmful weather conditions. Aging by sun damage is so common these days that it is very essential to stay updated on what the best products for protection are. Keep yourself informed on the chemicals in products you use and aim for cruelty, organic and vegan free products!

**All opinions in this piece are my own. For purchase of BONDI SANDS products, please SHOP HERE **

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