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Not only do I love my skin care because I truly want to keep healthy skin for as long as I can, I absolutely love a good hair care product! Everything from the best shampoo and conditioner, to a hair mask to oils or serums that are anti-frizz, help breakage or just keep my hair shiny, you name it, I got it! So now that you have made it this far, I am ready to share with you some of my favorite hair products from my favorite skin care line, Derma-E. Yes, you read that right! My favorite skin care line also makes HAIR PRODUCTS! What more could we ask for these days...

Let me just start off by saying, I am not one to wash my hair daily. Heck, I don't even wash it 3 times a week!! If you are one of those Karens who thinks they have to wash their hair every day or else they will have greasy, gross hair, well that's just not the case!! In fact, the natural oils that come from your scalp actually help to keep your roots healthy which in turn, makes the whole strand healthier!! Personal tip, find a routine that works, but skip a day or two between washes and see just how your locks will thank you! Okay, enough yapping! Let's talk about some of my recommended products from Derma-E!

Since I don't dye my hair and honestly, I only get it cut once a year, I am all about having the best products I can get - without breaking the bank. Living in Florida, I recently became aware of how the sun can actually thin out your hair.. Using sun screen on your scalp as well as wearing hats can help but there had to be another way to keep my hair thick and full. That's where the Thickening Shampoo and Condition come into play.

The Shampoo is made up of Eucalyptus Oil and cooling Spearmint Oil to help soothe the scalp while Provitamin B5 helps to hydrate and nourish the scalp and follicles. All of this helps to create an effective thickening formula to rejuvenate while making the hair appear fuller and thicker.

The conditioner is composed up of Willow Bark for exfoliation, Peppermint Oil to support a healthy scalp, Argan Oil for hydration and Biotin which helps promote healthy hair all while keeping your hair smooth, shiny and strong!! Honestly, I get many comments about my hair and I love seeing everyone's face when I tell them my routine of not washing every day as well as using extra products to keep my hair healthy.

On top of using these thickening shower products, Derma-E has a Keratin Thickening spray that is meant to be used after you shampoo and condition. Containing a Vegan Keratin and Biotin, this spray will give your locks an instant lift of volume. A combination of Adaptogen Chanterelle Mushroom and a powerful mixture of B vitamins soothe the scalp, while Rosemary Extract and Therapeutic Mint Oils nourish the follicles to promote healthy hair! Use these three products together and you'll have yourself a triple threat thickening regimen!!

If you're okay in the volume department but maybe struggle with an itchy or dry scalp, well fear no more, Derma-E has products for that! The Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the scalp relief treatment are all designed to alleviate that dryness. Containing Provitamin B5 to hydrate and Salicylic Aid to exfoliate, these products also use Tea Tree Oil and Menthol to soothe your irritated scalp. A patented Therapeutic Psorzema Herbal Blend mixed with Vitamins A and E is made to replenish your scalp and help to promote shiny, manageable hair.

After using these two products, you should follow up with the Scalp Relief Treatment. Using Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera, Sea Kelp and adaptogen Amla Extracts, this water-based serum relieves dry, flakey, and itchy scalp. Use this final product to keep your scalp hydrated for optimal health.

The last product that I honestly can't say enough good things about is the Bonding Hair Repair Oil. Thankfully this oil is not thick or greasy like a lot of other hair oils I've tried. This is an clean and weightless oil that strengthens and boosts shine in your hair while repairing damaged ends and taming your fly-aways. Honestly, it has everything every girl could ever want for their hair! Use this after the shower (using whichever shampoo and conditioner you want), while your hair is still damp, and work into roots all the way to the tips.

I am absolutely satisfied and grateful for these hair care products that I now use regularly, but, Derma-E also sent me a few new skin care items to try. The Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum and Blue Light Shield Spray. These products are mineral-rich that help boost the skins moisture while protecting it against environmental aggressors. Containing a Blue Green Algae Extract, rich antioxidants and antioxidant-rich Lutein will actually "shield" your face from blue light while Activated Charcoal purifies and de-stresses the skin. Use the Serum under makeup before you use your favorite Derma-E moisturizer then finish your look off with the Shield Spray to set your make up in place or protect your skin without makeup.

Each of these products can be used alone or as part of a regimen. I how have everything from cleansers to moisturizers to serums and more so I absolutely love to use them daily! If you find yourself wanting to try these products for yourself, you can find them at Ulta and other beauty retail stores as well as their main webpage, Derma-E.

**This is an influencer collaboration with Derma-E. They supplied me the products but all opinions and reviews are my own!!**

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