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Internal Emotions

Have you ever bumped your head or stubbed your toe and, even though the pain isn't the worst thing, you get so mad that you want to yell at whatever object caused this unexpected pain? But then, the tears come through. We've already declared that the pain isn't that bad. So why is it that we can't control the way our emotions react? Well to break it to you, the physical pain is simply just a bridge to allow your internal emotions to escape. I'll explain.

Before we really dive in, I want to bring something to the forefront of your brain. Are you someone who lets your emotions out whenever you are feeling a little off or are you someone who keeps everything in and tries to handle everything yourself? I'm sure the answer will come quickly but that is what I want you to think about throughout!

Of course, most people do not prefer to share their emotions regularly. Many like to keep things buried deep down and only reveal their true selves to a few people if at all. When we do that, we don't let ourselves actually feel what is going on inside. We trap our emotions and then continue to pile more on top of it to, well, dilute the feelings that come with it. Those emotions can cause a series of external effects and that is what I want to talk about most today. What those external effects are and how we can help eliminate them from occurring.

Maybe you lost your job or you're going through a breakup. Or maybe it's something smaller like missing out on something you had wanted to do. When we are faced with struggle, our internal instinct is how we process or handle our emotions. After a long, tiresome week, it is not uncommon to feel touchy, sensitive, and a bit irritable. Putting up the battle to keep those emotions in check can just add to the stress and mountain of emotions that are building inside.

Something as simple as your Significant Other asking you for help on something that could send you into a spiral of anger. You are not really angry at them, but you can't control unleashing the emotions that have sat inside for so long. Or maybe you were picking something up and you hit your head on the way up. Getting so angry that you yell at the inanimate object and begin to fight with your emotions being heightened. You aren't actually mad at this object, but this is the out your emotions needed to break down the flood gates.

Before you know it, you are in a tizzy of tears and frustrations. It's one of those cries that anything and everything has you babbling like a two year old. The best thing to do at this point, is just let yourself cry the good cry. Let it all out until you feel that your body is just exhausted from expelling all those tears. Your emotions have been banging at the doors of your subconscious and all said and done, a literal weight will be lifted from your body (you know, by getting out all that water and energy!).

Crying may not be something that we all welcome but it is something that we all need. Your energy self can only handle so much just as your physical self can only handle so much. By giving yourself the green light to let your emotions run their course, you are accepting that those feelings mean something and before you know it, it'll be gone. Being consciously aware of how we feel is one of the best things we can do for our mental health.

Vulnerability is a strong word. To many, it means weakness. But honestly, if you can open up to your vulnerable side, well that is a strength that so many misunderstand. Our feelings teach us so much. They show us what we care about, what makes up happy, and what makes us sad. Your emotions are very much an instinct. They can warn you of fear, danger, and even good things! Here is a few ways that you can process through your emotions and not become a victim to them.

Take care of yourself first! Take a few moments every day to check in with yourself. Are you feeling uneasy, anxious, tired, sad? Take note of what happened in the last few hours or days and see if anything that comes to mind triggers an emotion. Do you feel overwhelmed by these thoughts? This means you have not let your emotions loose yet and they are lurking at every decision and thought you have. If you can't pinpoint what feeling you are having, that is because a few are fighting for the limelight and all need to be released.

After you have checked in with yourself and understand how you are feeling, make time for alone time. Expecting the tears to appear eventually, maybe spend time watching a feel-good movie or reading a good book. I personally like to write or watch something that will ultimately make me cry. When I feel a surge of emotions coming on, I allow myself to be aware of their presence then I find reasons to cry.

Yes, I make myself cry. Anything and all things that really bring the feels out. Cry until my eyes are red and my nose is running faster than a river. Once I feel as if my body might just collapse, then I know I have allowed myself to process my feelings and I'm ready to move past them. I know that they will no longer burden me and I can begin to feel light again. I am lifting this emotional burden from myself.

This isn't something that can happen over night. Learning that it is okay to be vulnerable isn't always easy but it can be rewarding. Be okay with being uncomfortable for a little because the more you shove down those feelings, the harder they will fight to come back up. Crying is a healthy release, don't ever be afraid of it! Think of it as an emotional cleanse!

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