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Let's Talk Hair!

Having the most perfect locks is something a lot of women want. We just never seem to be able to decide if we are feeling the pin straight, beach curls or some sort of other style. That being said, we tend to "abuse" our hair a good bit. This can be anything from applying heat, dying it or simply just not integrating certain products that can help your hair health.

I admit, I was somewhat ignorant to the proper types of products to be using on my hair. I have never dyed my hair - okay maybe had ONE experience with temporary hair dye in college - so I never thought that something like a hair mask would be necessary for me to use. As it turns out, you need to protect your hair from a lot more than just dyes and irons.

Once I moved to the beach, I began to learn about how infrared and rays from the sun can affect my hair elasticity and strength. Also, wearing a hat for long periods or just consistently over time, influences how well your hair grows as well as the thickness of it! I mean, it makes sense when you think about it, I just never really thought about it that far in depth.

Finally, as I reach the point of this post, I was introduced to what I like to consider a Magical product, from Nutree called the Brazilian Hair Bottox Expert Thermal Mask . This mask has a series of benefits and I have to be honest, since I started using it, I have noticed a difference in the shine, strength and ends of my hair!

This mask promotes smoothing of hair while adding softness and shine. Although this product is HIGHLY recommended for brittle, colored, or chemically treated hair, anyone who is looking to better the health of their locks, should look into Nutree. Deep hydration, nourished and strong hair, and fortifying your hair's structure is just a few of the amazing benefits of using not just any hair mask, but the Brazilian Bottox Thermal Mask.

The ingredients are safe and chemical free due to using almond oil, marine collagen, and glutamic acid. As we already know, almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that promotes healthy hair. Marine Collagen is an amino acid that is sea-sourced and helps fortify the fibers of your hair to regain its strength and repair damage. Glutamic Acid is one that I was the least familiar with, but it is the most effective amino acid used on hair for help with frizz and humidity. And as we all know, Florida has immense humidity so this was a sure deal for me!

When it comes to the "How to Use" of this product, it does require a good bit of time so I personally use this just once every other week. After you wash and dry your hair, you apply the product to your hair - and don't be shy on the amount! Tie your hair up in a bun, or something to hold it in place, for 40 minutes. Rinse out after the time is over and style as usual! Then, enjoy soft, shiny and healthy hair!

As I continue to try and learn about new products, I will continue to share my honest reviews, opinions and preference for all products that I feel would benefit you. So please never hesitate to suggest, recommend, or comment on anything you see!!

**All of the above opinions are my own. Nutree Hair provided me with this product as part of a paid collaboration for my honest review.**

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