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My Amazon Finds

As most other people, Quarantine did send me into an endless wormhole of online shopping. Whether it was something I saw on an AD, on someone else's page or simply just saw because Amazon does a good job at catering the "explore page" to our interests, let's just say I am quite happy I have Amazon Prime!! Since I know there are plenty others out there who suffer from compulsive shopping problems, I wanted to share some of the finds I have convinced myself are worth it!

  1. LED LIGHTS $33.99

These are something that I was very excited to get. I am actually moving to a new apartment soon so I have decided to wait until I move before I put these up. None the less, I did give them a little try just to make sure they work well and of course I LOVE THEM. I cannot wait to set these up in my bedroom and living room and just create a whole vibe! These are definitely a good gift for someone of all ages!

From amazing sound to its water-resistant capabilities, this speaker can literally go anywhere with you. There is a 24 hour playtime, meaning that when it is completely charged, it can be played for 24 hours straight. The sleep, cylinder shape really allows for easy storage and packing for travel! Bluetooth connection to connect to phones or tablets to stream all your favorite songs. Whether you are headed to a beach party with friends, a tailgate for your favorite team or just lounging at the pool with your family, you can listen more freely and enjoy the music fun wherever you go.

As someone who really loves to wash my car, this felt like something I really justified needing. Yeah you could easily go and use the vacuum at the car wash, but that cost money! This little beauty has not only saved me money, but is has saved me time. Considering that I live by the beach, it is inevitable that I have sand in my car ALWAYS! Having this on hand in my car after a beach day is surely helpful.

This is something that I have wanted for so long, I just haven't justified the purchase. Well, with starting a YouTube channel and just filming a lot more, this was the perfect time to purchase this tripod. I have two ring lights which are my main source but having this portable one is perfect for vlogging or for moving around. The flexible legs make for easy mounting to just about anything.

In today's world, we definitely cannot have enough cleaning supplies. Did you know that your cell phone contains more germs than most other surfaces? The UV Light Sanitizer disinfects not only cell phones, but also face masks, keys, toothbrushes, earphones, watches, and anything else that can fit in the box. Clearly this was a no brainer. After being out an about or just at night, I will put my phone in this before bed.

In this day in age with most everyone working from home, one of these is definitely necessary to really have a comfortable set up wherever you are. I personally like to sit at my coffee table to write or work on my laptop so this really improved my posture while creating an easy to move desk. It folds down nicely so you its perfect for travel!

If you've ever woken up and wanted a latte but didn't want to go to Starbucks or Dunkin' to get it, then this Electric Milk Steamer is literally for you. I have so much fun trying out different drinks with having frothy milk or cream! You really don't have a big clean up like typical milk steamers so I would highly recommend this for the barista in your family.

Now I know a lot of people prefer extensions to doing their own lashed but I don't mind applying my eyelashes each day I want to wear them. If you are a beginner or simply want an easier way to get full lashes, I really do recommend these. The glue is black which definitely pairs as eyeliner and since it is magnetic, the lashes are super easy to put in place. Plus, the glue doesn't leave residue much like a lot of other glues do.

I like to think that I purchase items that make my life easier or better, but in reality, that's just something I tell myself to justify my purchases! If you've found yourself purchasing items much more in the want category over the need, drop your favorite one in the comments! I'd love to see what other suckers like me are out there!!

** All opinions are my own! Some items were a part of a paid collaboration but I am not making money off this post! I simply enjoy posting review!! **

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