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As The Year Comes to an End

It is almost December of 2020. The year is coming to an end and it is the best time to sit and reflect on what has happened, and what you look forward to in the year to come. This monumental form of change is among one of the most accepted forms of change and well, even welcomed, with promises of change for our futures. The fact that change can only be done by you, how is it we put so much expectation and focus on the sole fact that the only real change is the time and the date…?

This year has been one for the BOOKS! That phrase couldn't be more true about the year 2020. It has been none other than a biblical year of changes, disasters, new adaptations, and a lot of adversity. It's hard to really give a "to the point" type of explanation of how 2020 was for me, but I figured let's spend some time reflecting, and finding some positives to take away from this chaotic year.

It's crazy to think about how much pressure we put on 2020 to be something insane! Something life-changing!! Well, it certainly was both of those! But of course we thought 2020 would be the year of flying cars or maybe finding life on Mars. As we all have experienced, we were faced with a much different life-changing year. Our world was faced with something unexpected and not the welcome to a new decade that we anticipated.

Through the immense amount of loss, a lot has certainly come from this year. As a stay-at-home order was placed around the world, Mother Nature had some time to recover. Although we still have a long way to go, I'd like to believe that we are understanding that it is crucial to change our former ways. Everyone is ready to feel some form of normalcy. But what if this change was to show us that we too, need to adapt to a new normal?

Maybe you lost a job, or a loved one, or maybe you were a victim to one of the horrendous wildfires that captured so much of our land. It wasn't the easiest thing to face and it is going to take a long time to recover. But we have each other. And although we are not promised tomorrow, we can still make the best of today, the moment our feet hit the ground.

As this statement will surely send you into a reflective state, take a moment to remember to be grateful for whatever comes to mind, whether they be positives or negatives in regards to this past year. Let yourself sit with the fact that you made it another year and that is truly something to be grateful for. Some of the greatest worldly changes came after disaster stripped us of our fortunes.

I am the first to acknowledge that this year has been a whirlwind of emotions, struggles and some triumphs. As I remember setting out with big intentions and goals for the new decade, this year was one that reminded me that not everything happens in the blink of an eye and I can make whatever I set my mind to, come true.

So as this year comes to a close, take some time everyday to think about and express gratitude for the things you are thankful for. There is never a road block that can’t be knocked down or hurdled over. Take a moment to thank 2020 for whatever it may have given you and vow to make yourself happy in 2021 no matter what obstacle it may have in store. Cheers to new beginnings and being the change you wish to see in the world.

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