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Owning It

A friend asked me a question recently that really hit home. He said "How many books or movies would you pick up if you already knew that plot and ending?"

The reason for this question came from a conversation we were having about the journey to finding your purpose and I instantly felt that I needed to share with you! Share that we need to own our journey because if we knew the outcome from the beginning, would the path you choose change? Let's chat more.

I was referencing that some days I struggle to see where I'm headed but at least I know that I am on the path headed there. It is easy, in my opinion, to go into a job field like accounting because you can typically see where you're headed. You study certain subjects that will benefit you in a job related to this field, makes sense? For me, this isn't the case. I chose to not settle for some corporate style job, working under someone else for the rest of my life. I chose to create my own destiny and find my true purpose. This meant that the vision to the finish line would come and go with each page turn, opportunity taken and speed bump encountered, but I never chose to fall off course for long. I chose this path and because of that, I am OWNING IT!

Do you ever feel like you have days that just FLOW and you feel on top of the world? It's as if you are invincible and nothing can stop you? Only to have a few days of blah energy to follow? Where on those days you sit and contemplate your next move or maybe if this is truly right for you.. Sound familiar?

Sure does for me! I could make a small fortune off the amount of days where I sat there feeling bamboozled by the choices I've made, wondering if this was really what I wanted. Or if maybe I should regroup and head in a more "safe" direction. This isn't all that uncommon. A lot of the time we choose to rely heavily on external factors for validation or to bring us happiness. We don't OWN the life that we've created thus far as well as the decisions that we are making and realize that we've created all of that, we can also create our own happiness.

You might be wondering how this is relative to the statement I opened this story with. The reason I find it relevant is because if you knew the final outcome of your life, you'd never get to experience all the wonders of the journey you chose to take. Just as you'd never enjoy watching a movie if you've seen the ending first. We just have to live out the story of our lives from start to finish and not focus on having a clear view of the finish line. That having a slightly foggy view of that end result will, hopefully, only motivate you to keep pushing for that outcome.

Have you ever seen someone you look up to just really living the life you desire? Do you think that getting there was all rainbows and unicorns? For many, it certainly wasn't. At one point or another in their career, they had to take a risk and OWN their decisions. Investing into yourself whether it be financially or by quitting that measly 9-5 to pursue your dream career, can be a little challenging. Like I mentioned earlier, it's easy to settle for a career path that has a blueprint on how to get from point A to B safely. But investing in yourself means you are willing to create your OWN blueprint of the dream life you want.

Are you still not convinced? I've got a little more up my sleeve that might help!

Although I do make a lot of personal references, I haven't fully told a personal story since the very beginnings of this wonderful journey with "A Breath of Fresh Air." But I'd like to share a little bit of my own story to hopefully shed a little more light to why OWNING the journey you're on is one of the best feelings there is.

When I made the statement that I don't want to work for someone else for the rest of my life, the universe and my subconscious heard me loud and clear! That was the beginning of me OWNING my journey. Little strides in each direction eventually would lead me to the right way to go.

From High School, I was CERTAIN I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I molded my life to reach that goal at every chance I got. Opportunities arrived and were taken. Some pertained to my initial goals and some were a little outside the box, which clearly made some impact on me. Each "safe" opportunity that came about typically would lead me to being unhappy, under appreciated and unfulfilled. But each risk I took brought true happiness, adrenaline and lessons learned.

I took a risk to own a choice I made to move to NYC after college. With no clear view of my next step in this book of life, I walked forward with my head up and mind open. Fast forward 5 years, I learned my worth, my passions and my ability to invest into myself. I realized I was no long happy where I was. It was no longer serving me a purpose because I had OWNED my choice to make living there possible. From there, I worked and manifested my next move, to Sunny Florida! Walking into another 9-5 (you know, the safe way) only led me to another lull in happiness, drive and fulfillment. Something had to change. I had to invest into myself to break out of this plateau, which thus led me here.

Two years into living in the most GORGEOUS state there is, fulfilling my inner desires, I still don't have a clear view of the finish line. But I sure as hell know that I am in control because I have continued to OWN my decisions. Knowing that the outcome, once I reach it, will all be worth it. Going against the grain of society is scary and hard, but it is doable. Once you begin to see the control you have over your happiness and life, you will start to make moves that get you to that end goal. The universe will reward you with the opportunities needed to get you to your finish line. The moment you surrender to your happiness and invest your faith into what you desire, is the moment the flood gates open and that clear vision inches closer and closer.

You will never quite know the outcome or when exactly you will reach that finish line to your goals. But the more you continue to invest into yourself and OWN your journey, the closer you will get. I have faith in you, but you can't start building your empire until YOU have faith in yourself!!

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