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Single Girl Salmon

I absolutely love to cook! But when you live alone, besides the company of one very attached fur baby, cooking for one can sometime be more of a chore than an enjoyment. Every now and then, I do enjoy a good, SIMPLE, recipe that I can whip together easily and tastes amazing! This easy recipe, I call the Single Girl Salmon, perfectly portioned for one!

Buying a good salmon fillet is certainly the most important part of this recipe. I chose to pair mine with a salad but a good grilled vegetable medley would certainly make for a good accompaniment. To prep your salmon, you want to pat it down so that it is nice a dry. Being that you are using a sauce over the fish, you don't want a soggy fish fillet to begin with.

Another reason I call this recipe Single Girl Salmon, is because most of us will already have a majority of the ingredients that are needed. Garlic, lemon, chicken broth (I always keep bone broth on hand and it was just as good), and olive oil. The only ingredient you would have to buy would be the fish! See how easy this already is? Plus I think we all know that garlic and lemon can really enhance the taste of your meal!

To start, we must prep the ingredients! First, you want to mince the garlic the best you can. I personally like to use my hand chopper that I got from Target. Mince, or dice, about 3 cloves worth. Set aside for a little time. You will then need the juice from one lemon, so I used my Small Citrus Reamer, also from Target! Set that aside as well. Lastly, measure and set aside 1 cup of chicken broth, I use Bone Broth personally. These ingredients will make your sauce!

Prepping the salmon is fairly easy. I typically prefer to season salmon with dill but for the sake of the sauce we were making, I stuck to just a light salt and pepper seasoning. Bring out and heat a medium sized skillet and warm up enough butter to coat the pan, **It is advised NOT to use oil or cooking spray because the garlic doesn't stay as aromatic!**

Add in the garlic and sauté it enough to really get those aromas out! Add in the bone broth and lemon juice and bring back to a boil, stirring to keep from burning. Once everything is well combined, pour the sauce in a covered bowl for safe keeping on the side! Back to the skillet, add in some olive oil and let pan warm up again. Cook the salmon, about 4-6 minutes each side, or until cooked the whole way through. The fish should be flaky and no longer a translucent type of pink but more a solid pink.

Transfer your beautifully cooked fish to a plate and carefully pour your sauce over top. I did make a small salad **not pictured** but the star of the show was definitely the salmon! Paired with a nice red wine, this was seriously the perfect meal for one and in total, cost me $7.56 for a nice salmon filet.

Don't let the single life keep you from spoiling yourself with a good meal! I sure do love a good home cooked meal so be sure to check back for more easy meals that

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