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Single Girl Serving: Garlic Chicken

Finding something easy but tasty to cook for ONE can be a challenge. Like I mentioned in my Single Girl Salmon post, I love to cook but sometimes cooking for one can be tedious. Especially when you see that most all recipes online are catering to multiple servings per recipe!! As a certified single girl, I am here to take out the hard work for you and provide you the BEST single serving recipes for you to enjoy! So if you've been craving a little home cooked meal for one, keep reading below!!

Recently I started to realize that cooking for one is not as tedious at it seems. Maybe it's because I've been forced to stay home and that take out only satisfies for so long. But this recipe was everything you could have imagines it to be: tasty, crispy, buttery and GOOD! Before I start off on a different direction, let me share to you one of the EASIEST chicken dishes I love.

Things to get:

I like to find recipes based on the items that I already have in the house but sometimes a little shopping is needed. This time, I was fortunate that I did already have everything I needed to complete the dish.

Chicken. I like to buy fresh chicken in bulk then separate them into portions I can use for the future. This time I had exactly two thin chicken strips that I used. No need for seasoning ahead of time, that comes later!

Garlic Clove. I always keep cloves of garlic in the house also for cooking. I use a veggie chopper that was about $24 from Bed Bath & Beyond, but mince your garlic however you please.

Garlic Powder. I think about everyone has at least 2 OPENED bottles of this!

Salt & Pepper. If you don't have 3 different kinds of salt in your house, you're doing it wrong..

Flour. I actually use oat flour. I take oatmeal and blend it in the blender until it is fine like flour.

Chicken Broth (or stock): I tend to always have this at home but this might be an item that needs picked up.

Unsalted Butter: Only reason I suggest unsalted is because for sauces, it tends to just work better, don't quote me, that's probably not a thing!!

To start, it is suggested to measure out the ingredients but since we are cutting the recipe down, I recommend using your eye to measure some ingredients such as flour for dredging and amount of seasonings needed.

1. Prepping the Chicken

As mentioned earlier, you aren't seasoning the chicken directly. So you will take the flour and place onto a plate or large bowl, add in 1 tsp of garlic powder as well as salt and pepper. Take your chicken and dredge through the mixture until fully covered. You'll set this aside for now.

Grind oatmeal into flour consistency
Oat Flour

Heat a skillet pan on your stove and add in 1 tbsp of butter as well as a smidge of oil to heat! I find that pan "frying" the chicken always gives it a nice crunch as opposed to the oven or my "indoors grill". Cooking the chicken a few minutes per side, until they are golden brown! Remove from heat and set aside.

2. The Sauce

The sauce is fairly easy to do. You will take the same pan you have been using, and add in about 1/4th cup of chicken broth and some salt. Bring to a slight boil then add in another tbsp of butter. Lower the heat and allow the mixture to thicken some. You will pour this over top of your chicken to serve.

3. The Side

Not too much excitement here. I don't usually go overboard with side dishes unless it's a potato dish. So today, I chose to steam some broccoli and cauliflower and just use the extra sauce on top, which worked out great!

4. Final Steps

The plating of this dish is not very difficult. I used a shallow bowl, mostly because of the consistency of the sauce. Plate the chicken and the veggies (or side of your choice) and pour the sauce mixture over top. Finally, pour yourself an adult beverage of your choice and thoroughly enjoy every bite of the juicy, crispy, buttery dish you just rewarded yourself with!!

Don't allow cooking for one deter you from treating yourself! Sometimes nothing satisfies more than a home-cooked meal and I promise this recipe is one you will want to remember!

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