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The Art of Being Alone

This year has certainly been one for the books. From natural disasters, to losing a very influential mogul at the beginning of this year, to facing a pandemic that has totally changed our means of normalcy, we have had to adapt a lot this year. One of the biggest changes a lot of us had to face was being alone. I'm not talking about being lonely, but simply adapting to a life of being forced to stay home. Today, I want to talk about the benefits of being alone

As a self-proclaimed expert homebody, I do admit that being alone has never really been a struggle for me. I have loved being in my own space and I have always found that I feel the most recharged after spending some time by myself. I find that coming back to self is one of the best remedies we can do for our energy. But I also know that most people aren't like me, in that they don't particularly know how to handle being alone for periods of time. It can even drive someone crazy.

I understand that this pandemic caused a lot of change all around for everyone in the world. Not being allowed to see other people, gather in social settings, just spend time with friends, really took a toll on a lot of people. I am not specifically speaking to couples, because I understand the experience in quarantine with a significant other was quite different than my experience. But by being alone, it's a whole different story.

Let's start with the two different "types" we saw from quarantine. There were many that found motivation from the free time and learned a new skill, started a business, or just really made a difference for themselves. Then there were the others, who binge watched shows, struggled to realize what time was acceptable to pour your first drink and who adapted to online ordering even more. I would expect many more experienced the latter. While the unemployment rate hit a high this year, it is safe to say that this pandemic left us in a sort of economic depression. Work was just one of the means that brought struggle this year.

Being forced to stay away from your friends and family is something no one really expected to have to do. Many people were faced with saying good-bye to our loved ones over FaceTime as they fought against the unpredictable COVID-19. The sense of feeling lonely while being forced to be alone, is more than a double whammy. It's okay to be upset while you feel alone. But also know that you can channel positives from alone time more than you may be aware of.

Alone time can bring so much good and that's what I'm here to tell you about. Starting a new hobby without ANYONE giving you their input, is definitely a plus. You may even find something you love to do that you wouldn't have been able to if you had your normal routine in place. Maybe you found out you love to read. Or maybe you have a hidden talent for crafts..

I think we put such negative energy around being by ourselves but we can sometimes come up with our greatest plans or excitements while keeping to ourselves. I personally have invested into writing, spending time reading books or articles that interest me or simply just working on self-care. Although we weren't physically able to see our loved ones for so long, things like video calls and other creative ways to see each other came about. This is also just another positive of being alone, finding creative ways to think outside the box.

As I carry on with this post, the point is, don't be scared to be alone. Embrace what makes you feel vulnerable and allow yourself to explore the unfamiliar side of your life. Create a goal for the next 21 days, pick a craft of project you always aspired to do and finally do it! Don't make excuses for not getting something done when you have all this time to do so. Be grateful for today and every day that you have had to spend time with yourself. Remind yourself that you are surviving these crazy times and that you are always able to change your own story.

Being alone has a lot to it. Responsibility, need to motivation, self-care, and exploration are just a few things that come with being on our own. Allow this to be a time of growth and reflection, not a time of sadness or fear. We all have a gift to contribute to this world and maybe this monumental year is in place to help each of us understand what that gift. Take some time today, and for as many days as you want, and write down some goals as well as some things you find gratitude in. Nothing is too small or too big to be grateful for.

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