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The New Start..

Well guys, it's one week into the new year. How do we feel? Isn't it a little wild to think back to a year ago, before all the CRAZINESS really took off? Obviously the events of 2020 have affected everyone differently but that doesn't mean that it wasn't tumultuous at the same time. Were you one of the many that sat there on December 31st, waiting for midnight in anticipation of some miraculous change? I admit, I was slightly hoping that just because the year had changed meant that we, too, could find some meaning for "normal."

I chose to wait a little before I expressed how the year has started. After spending 2 wonderful weeks in Pittsburgh with my incredible family and friends, I came home with a refreshed mindset and some fire in my veins. There is something about being around certain people that really brings a sense of clarity and happiness to me. After a year where I wasn't even sure I would get to see my family, this trip was all I could have asked for and more. It was the best way to say good-bye to a year that is simply too extreme to even sum up. And with that good-bye to 2020, came a lot of reflection..

Beginning a year that we have anticipated for DECADES, came in with a BANG, literally. A year that we thought would be the year of the flying car and all other things future, made a quick switch as a world-changing pandemic set in and changed our lives forever. That right there was enough to really make for a year we never expected. But the bad-day Gods were not done there. From a helicopter crash that took 9 precious lives to a stretch of wild fires all the way to hurricane season being one of the most active years, we really never saw all this coming. But just because the year brought a lot of sadness and difficulty, this year challenged us to really go back to our roots and ....

Even though when that clock struck 12 on January 1, 2021, we didn't magically end the pandemic or escape the harsh realities of the world, we still moved forward. And that alone, speaks volumes for this nation. It might be hard at times to see the goodness that has come or is coming. From rivers experiencing such cleanliness that certain marine life was able to return, to air quality improving simply because humans had to stay at home for so long, we saw a great improvement in our world. One that we so desperately needed, especially during these times.

As the year progresses, it's easy to fall into the cycle of struggle as you find yourself dealing with a bit of uncertainty from the world. I challenge you to break away from the stigma that 2021 was going to bring immediate change and set yourself up for progressive goals!! What this means is make your BIG goal, something like maybe wanting to start a business or buy a new home or really anything! Have that goal? Good. Now I want you to break it down even further! Monthly goals help you see the progress you're making which really motivates you to keep going. Something about seeing a tangible change really impacts our progression forward!

Remember that as this year continues. Remember that small changes can lead to big progressions. Whether it be in your own life or for the good of the planet, don't be afraid to take a chance on yourself this year. There really is no time like the present and you should never be afraid to do something that makes you happy. A new year brings many stigmas but there are 365 days to do something for YOU! Stop letting the days pass you by and stop counting your struggles and start counting your blessings! Start practicing gratitude (if you need help with gratitude, you can check my post HERE about the topic!) and start reminding yourself that you deserve all the goodness life has to offer you! Cheers to opportunities and taking control of your your destiny!

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