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Unapologetically You

Are you the type of person who always says sorry? I personally have struggled with almost feeling the need to apologize, as if my subconscious is telling me that's the only way the situation will be better. Obviously if you have done wrong to someone, then yes, an apology is warranted. But what I'm talking about is when you talk about something that you're passionate about only to follow that expression with the words "I'm sorry" as if you feel bad because you talked about yourself.. Well today, let's squash that mindset!!

Having the courage to do something that sets your heart on fire is a trait that not many people can understand. The fear of being judged or of failing simply comes into play and therefore shields many of us from the endless opportunities the universe provides. We see others, especially in the world of social media, living their dreams traveling the world or starting their own business and we begin to envy them. How is it that they are so confident to pursue their passion when you can barely feel confident to tell someone what you are passionate about? Well, the simple answer there, they don't care what other people think, they just DO what makes THEM happy.

Being selfish is something a lot of us hear. Phrases like "put your feelings first", or "taking a little time for yourself is healthy", flood our brain waves but we never actually learn how to comfortably do those things. Meaning that being selfish doesn't imply that you don't care about others, it just means that you are putting yourself first. You don't allow external factors or people sway you from doing what makes you happy. You are unapologetically you and you make decisions with only you in mind. Find a balance between giving your energy to others as well as allowing yourself to recharge is vital to our mental health.

Too many times are we make choices with others in mind. Maybe your entire family all graduated college but as you got older, you began to realize that it just wasn't for you. That you loved music and you are an artist wanting to follow your dream to becoming a musician. Influenced, almost pressured, into making a decision that will satisfy your family is more than likely the way you feel. That's understandable. I think that all of us have been there before as we make big life decisions like so. The real mission here is whether or not you have the courage and belief in yourself to stand apart and stand up for what you want.

Knowing that your decision to choose you first might upset others, will you proceed in doing what truly makes your heart beat faster? Or will you let the fear of letting someone down keep you from following that passion? What if I told you that not following that passion would be letting an even bigger person down, yourself.. That years from this decision, you'll begin to question your purpose and if what you are doing really makes you happy. Would you still choose the former and let your passion silently go unnoticed?

I hope that you choose the latter. That you begin to understand that no one but you is in control of your own life. Money comes and goes. Happiness is everlasting. Your life is yours to live and although someone may not understand your journey, you are the one walking it. Waking up daily, seeing that beautiful human you are in the mirror, making a choice to put you first, that is true beauty in life. Change is a choice and the choice is forever yours.

I hope that these words bring a sense of clarity to you. That you finally are hearing the words GO FOR IT and recognize that saying sorry for something you love is not actually making up for anything. It's simply saying to the universe, and yourself, that you do not feel worthy of your passion. That the thing you were meant to do in life is the thing that is holding you back from your potential. The words "I'm Sorry" will begin to seem less second nature the more you fully believe in yourself.

Pick that head up high and realize that finding your potential is something that only a small percentage ever do. The expectations of society have caused us to instinctively follow a certain type of timeline to success. Well, success looks different to everyone and anyone who is successful will always say, they didn't let anyone's opinion or judgement push them off track to their goals. Let that resonate a bit and get out there and BE YOUR AMAZING SELF everyday with NO APOLOGIES!!

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