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When Is It Time?

Picture this: It's your cousin's wedding and you're just finishing up dinner. Family is mingling and here comes good old Granny. Sweet soul she is but we can already see where the conversation is headed before she even opens her mouth. Here comes the dreaded question of "Oh hunny, when are you getting married? Have you found a boyfriend yet?" Salt of the Earth she is but man, how much does it suck to be in a world where people live based off a timeline for life milestones?

Knowing that there is an expectation to fulfill what is considered the "American Dream," definitely puts a bit of pressure onto us and our decision making. Let me explain; let's get to the bottom of what the traditional American Dream is. Typically it's the expectation of finishing school, getting a degree which then leads to a paying job. Then it is expected that you find the love of your life, tie the knot and finally have kids. Sounds pretty simple right? Well for most, the thought of following these footstep simply doesn't cut it.

Let me start off by saying I have nothing against those who have achieved this lifestyle or who are working towards it. It works for many but others choose a different path and that should never be a reason to judge or stereotype. There is no blueprint of your destiny, because you are in control of creating it. Just like you are in control of choosing just when you want to (or maybe you don't want to) settle down in life. The journey to your dreams is never a sure one and that mostly comes from us evolving and experiencing the world.

What good does the morals and beliefs of “The American Dream” have when the main purpose is to direct everyone towards the same thing? Isn’t one of the greatest things we as humans have is our creative mind and unique personalities? The answer to any of the questions that may be running through your head is this; it is your life to live and whether you want to become an entrepreneur over jumping into a 4-year school program or you want to collect as many stamps on your passport as you can over owning a home, well then GET TO IT!

Let the world know you are ready for a change and invest into your happiness. Your soul will thank you later.

Somewhere along the years society felt in control of making everyone feel pressure to be one way and to have certain things. The perfect college degree followed by an authoritative Corporate job which leads to marrying a wealthy suitor to enhance the chances of a picture perfect family… i.e., the American Dream.

I believe that many people have reached happiness in these scenarios. They have done everything to the books and accomplished what most would consider is the life. But with the endless amount of money-producing job opportunities as well as countless worldly experiences to be made, our dreams have evolved. I for one choose a life of transparency. I foresee no major homeownership because the world will be my home. With all of these endless wonders at our fingertips, there really is no better reason to spend our own personal time, energy, and money on something that would only help us achieve this. My happiness comes from within and when I envision a life as a teacher, writer and beacon of light, well that’s what makes my heart flutter. Do I know exactly how I’m going to achieve all of this? Not yet! But the Universe knows I’m ready for the opportunities and that I am entrusting my faith to my subconscious. I will manifest positivity, wealth and success because my American Dream is just that, my own.

Always remember that you are not alone. You do not have to conform to anyone else’s ideals and beliefs. We are created to be different and allow those creative sensations and passions to flood through you. The journey might be trying and long but all that you will gain from trusting yourself is more than worth it. This life is meant to be lived, what are you waiting for?!

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