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Your Best Self...

Safe. Comfort. Personal Space.

All of these are phrases that describe a place within ourselves that we may reside. It’s the place we know and can trust without worry or fear. It’s our comfort zone and it can be one of the coziest yet objective place to be, holding you stuck in a place that may be just shy of your full potential. The outside world may seem scary but in reality, staying stuck in one place for too long is more detrimental to our journeys than stepping out.

There may be a large intimidation factor when the thought of stepping outside of what makes you comfortable to try something new arises. Most spend years contemplating one decision only to find the time to make that leap has long passed. It’s the controversial feeling of adrenaline mixed with fear that holds us complacent in what we feel is our best self. But truthfully, and not to be too cliche here, life really does get exciting once you learn to step outside of your comfort zone and try something you never thought possible before.

Potential is reached and it is something that we as individuals might not recognize on our own. It sometimes takes outside factors to remind or push us to see what our true potential is which in turn can begin opening opportunities to reach it. Whether it’s a total career shift, moving across the country to find a more suitable environment, or simply investing in a way to share your craft or gift, the fear of possible failure is what ultimately convinces our subconscious we aren’t capable of doing it. It almost feels like a never ending pro’s and con’s list that just never seems to give you the answers you want. This unfortunate cycle is one that takes courage, truth and motivation to break.

It may seem like opportunities never happen in your life. Or that you’re just not one of the “lucky ones” who just gets things handed to them. Well let me squash some envious feelings right now and say that they aren’t luck, they are just taking advantage of these opportunities even if it makes them feel slightly uncomfortable at first. I can almost guarantee an offer has once presented itself to you yet the “what ifs” of failing held you back. The thought of change is one that truly frightens us into staying complacent and never achieving that full potential.

When you see peers or relatives achieving or reaching goals or new heights in their lives, what does that feel like to you? Do you have an endless burning desire to find out what that feeling is like? Or do you simply wallow in the fact that they achieved something and you haven’t yet?

My hope is that you reside with the former question that a burning desire to find out what taking that chance to achieve success is like. A total shift in a current situation could most likely be the answer you were waiting for in regards to breaking into a journey of success. Being the change you wish to see can only open doors to new opportunities, potential and happiness.

I challenge you to take a few days and venture outside of your comfort zone. Book a photoshoot. Apply for a job you don’t feel you’re qualified for and don’t hold back on describing yourself. Sign up for a new class or project that sparks passion in your soul and a smile on your face. Write down 3 things that scare you and face them. Make yourself uncomfortable in as many ways as you can then regroup after a week and see what that feels like. There is nothing wrong with trying and failing but there is many things wrong with fearing failure and never trying.

Never settle for less than what you know you deserve in this life. There are only so many days within each of our timelines that not living your best life is simply denying yourself of endless possibilities.

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