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Your New Favorite Chicken Dish

Have you ever watched a video on TV and saw a dish and thought to yourself, that doesn't look too hard? Well I sure have and for a while there had been a dish that I truly have wanted to try for so long but hadn't taken the chance. To be honest, it was only intimidating due to the fact that it was a stuffed chicken dish and I had never worked with stuffing anything but a turkey. But today, that all changed and I finally mastered my new favorite chicken recipe, mozzarella and spinach stuffed chicken breast!

There are very few ingredients for this recipe which I particularly love. And when you're cooking up a Single Girl Serving meal, you definitely want to stay on the lite side with the amount of ingredients needed. I must admit though, a cast iron skillet is needed for a recipe like this. Although, I feel that you might be able to use a small pie dish for this but we will get to that later! Let's start with the ingredients list!!


  1. Chicken breast

  2. Fresh Baby spinach leaves

  3. Pesto

  4. Mozzarella cheese

  5. Olive Oil

  6. Salt and Pepper

As you can already tell, there isn't much needed. The most tedious part of this recipe is the butterflying and stuffing of the chicken. And honestly, that is the only real prep you need for this... See what I mean with EASY!? So as I just mentioned, you will want to butterfly the chicken breast next. Since I like to sometimes make enough for two meals, I used two fresh chicken breasts and just butterflied (don't cut the whole way through) the breasts.

Next, you want to spread your pesto all over the chicken. I bought some already made from the store. Once this is complete, you will then cut a few slices of a tomato. Add those next then proceed with adding on the spinach leaves. You can add as many or few as you wish!! Finally, the mozzarella cheese topped with some salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil! Before the chicken is ready to cook, you will need to fold the chicken back in half like a sandwich.

Heat your cast iron skillet over medium heat and make sure to have your oven preheated to 350 degrees as well! Once the skillet is heated, you will cook on both sides for a few minutes until they are slightly browned. After that is done, you will place the whole skillet into the oven and bake for 15 minutes until the cheese is melted and the chicken is cooked through.

While the chicken was cooking, I prepared a pesto, yogurt dip for the chicken. This was super easy to make, just use 1 tablespoon pesto to 1/2 cup yogurt and mix together. Plate the chicken and you are ready to go! Being this was just a single girl serving, I did not make any real sides, I just used some of the baby spinach I had left over and the tomato, and made a small salad. You can exercise cooking freedom with choosing a side of your choice! But once you make this recipe once, I guarantee you will be itching to make it for a guest or for family, they will be thanking you for days!! Have a happy and safe end of the year! We are almost there fam!!

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