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Blame It On The Genes

You see someone post one workout video on social media and instantly become an internet sensation, meanwhile you've been strategically posting at all the right times with the right hashtags and yet you still only accumulate a measly 500 views.. Why aren't you getting the same likes and views? What does she/he have that you don't? What are you doing wrong? Have no fear because the answer is simple: you are doing nothing wrong! You were just born with genes that were meant to help you bring something else to the world.

Let me explain a bit. Genetics play a large part in how we look, how our metabolism works over time and how long our endurance can keep up with us. It can be a frustrating matter when you have tried countless times to fit back into a dress that fit you a few years back or when you can't pull off that swimsuit because your hips reach both ends of the Great Wall. It can be even more frustrating when we see others pulling off what we can't in a matter of days or weeks.

Today we live with the everyday pressures of social media and image. Each picture, caption, and status is meticulously planned out by each user as to enhance their image to the outside world. Our views of ourselves is reliant on how many likes you get on a specific photo or video instead of what that photo represents or what memory that photo holds. What we see in everyone else's highlight reel is simply everyone else utilizing their genetics in some way to attract outsiders.

We spend hours each day scrolling and comparing to other people. We nit-pick at ourselves in a way that doesn't make us feel good and certainly doesn't help with motivation. As these hours are spent picking out what makes her get 5,000 more likes than you, you miss out on seeing what makes you great or how your genetics were specifically given to you for so many reasons. We get lost in seeing what's wrong with ourselves instead of loving what's there. Change begins within and the outside truly reflects the inside regardless of what face you put on.

Instead of letting others lack of curves push you to despise yours, find reason to be grateful for some other feature you have. Maybe you will never have that hourglass figure with a round bum and shapely shoulders. But you have amazing locks that people pay thousands of dollars to get. What one person will wish to trade is what another person neglects to appreciate.

If you constantly spend time wishing you had something else or looked a different way, you'll never love what you already have. Spending time each day to write the attributes down will program your subconscious to recognize your own beauty. Reminding yourself regularly that You Are Beautiful, You Are Worth it, You Are Enough, the love you will gain for yourself will be endless. If you aren't happy with where you are now, you are capable to be the change you wish to see to bring that happiness to you.

So today, and everyday for that matter, I challenge you to spend 5-15 minutes writing down things you love about yourself. They can be physical features, physical capabilities, or physical things in your life that you are grateful for and happy you have because no one else does. Finding reasons to love yourself starts with one simple look in the mirror.

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