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Fitness Faves!

Let's talk ATHLEISURE! Comfort, versatility, durability, what more could you want out of an outfit? In today's time as we spend more and more time inside and less time wondering the world, comfort in clothing is a big deal! I can definitely relate there. As someone who comes from a sports and fitness background, my fashion sense always revolved around clothing that coincided with this lifestyle. A few years ago, I found this up and coming brand and today, I'm a proud partner, getting to wear and share all the goodness that this line has to offer!

Are you ready to hear about it?

Before I spill the beans on some of what I consider to be the best athleisure on the market, this isn't some shpeal to get you to buy something so don't worry! This is simply to just share some of my personal faves and why I think so!!

Okay, okay, I'm getting there! This brand is also not one of those super expensive, have to save for weeks type of deal to afford something worth it. The prices range, very reasonably I must say, meaning there's bound to be something for everyone! But let me tell you, you can't put a price on quality! Okay, maybe you can, but good quality is certainly worth it when it comes to clothes you wear to the gym!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! The amazing brand that I am talking so highly about, Fabletics!! I bet many already guessed this before getting here because well, I've talked about them across most all my social media platforms over the course of my partnership. From sports bras to lettings to hoodies to gym bags even, there really is a wide variety of products! As someone who has worked in and out of gyms for the better half of my teenage years, having a quality and reliable gym wardrobe is very worth it!

Below are about 5 of my favorite outfits! Some are 3 pieces and some are 2 piece outfits. Each item is sold separately as well as a set so this is also where cost may come into play. Before I get to sharing some of my faves and why, I just wanted to explain the VIP program that they also offer.

This program is free to join, free to cancel and requires no obligation. Think of it as a "Hello Fresh" subscription for clothing. You can choose to skip the month within the first 5 days of the month and you won't be charged. But first, once you sign up, you will get 2 pairs of leggings for $24.99! I mean WOW! That alone is one heck of a steal in my opinion. Mostly considering that many common brands charge about $50-100 for one pair!!

After you sign up for VIP, you will fill out a style profile which helps the amazing fashionistas of Fabletics to create a personally tailored boutique each month just for you! You get the option to get credits to your account. Credits cost $49.95 and can be spent on items or outfits up to $80! That means when you join VIP, you will get the opportunity to get outfits or items up to $80, for only $49.95! That is almost 50% off of the valued retail price!! Again, let me explain this is no commitment and you are able to cancel anytime you want with no penalty. Otherwise, you just need to make sure to "Skip the Month" by the 5th of each month to not get charged!

Now that I got my incentives out of the way for you all, below are the top outfits from the last year of being a partner with Fabletics!

My first favorite these days definitely include high waisted leggings, especially after all those quarantine snacks!! These PureLuxe high waisted leggings are the perfect fit. From shape to slimming to just keeping everything in place, you really get it all! There are SO many colors to choose from, I have a dark aqua blue color! Paired with a cute hater top sports bra that I honestly have worn as a regular shirt too!!

- Piper Seamless Bralette in Medium; $29.95

If you are one who love a nice COMPLIMENTARY piece, this honestly is for you. I love the baby blue color (it really enhances a tan)! As someone who gravitates to black or neutrals, this was a risk. But the top is flattering and the leggings are comfortable! Added padding to the bra can be removed if wanted!!

I am definitely not one to wear gray! I sweat a little more than many females would probably want to admit. But these legging are so fitting, perfect elastic to hold them up and shapely, and they even have a perforation on the legs for extra "breathing" when working out! The top is another I love as a separate top, not just for the gym! It's a little more low impact/support but it's super flattering and cute!!

- Fundamental 2-Piece Outfit in Medium : $54.95 for the ENTIRE OUTFIT!!!

This is single handedly my favorite 2-piece ever! The color is for one a favorite but the support is the top reason! The bra can be worn as a halter or a regular tank top style. It comes down low enough if you are one who doesn't like to show a lot of midriff. Again, there are added padded inserts should you want it!!

This outfit I really took to the shorts! Mostly because well, I live in Florida and I don't really need a sweater like this but it sure is cute and COMFY!! The short are certainly more my vibe in this heat! They are form fitting, don't ride up and they are 100% squat proof!!!

These are just a few of my favorite items but Fabletics has so many options for you to choose from! With a wide variety of sizes and prices, you really will find a lot of great stuff. So whether you need some motivation to get off your bum, or maybe just an update to your wardrobe, head over to Fabletics and see what they've got!!

**Although all of these are a part of a partnership with this brand, all opinions are my own!!**

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